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This is the game.

You have a man… ( or at least think you do)

You have a GF… (or at least you thought you did)

………………boom bamm………………

You guys get in an arguement„, Yall have been dating for what a year now? it has been nice so far right, dates, meeting the fam/friends. All is well. But this time you guys had a serious arguement. Things are not looking good. You both decide to take “a break” just test the waters… get some space from eachother. Or maybe yall even decide to call it quits. Your hurt. You didnt really want to call it quits over this petty arguement but you never spoke up to save the arguement because of your ego which is too big to admit you were wrong. Okay…

So you cry, weep, call a friend, ect. 

Next day you wake up and see that He/She has changed there relationship status on facebook to “Single” or on Twitter decided to put in the bio #teamsingle Then of course your first reaction is wtf is that about…. like you cant believe this is happening. I guess over night you forgot you guys are both single. Any how…. Now all of a sudden they magically have a new GF or BF….

hmmm…. we have been single a total of 24hours. Seems kind of fast right?? maybe that is because in this generation or this day in age. Its HARDLY ever just one. Meaning you may very well be in a nice relationship but lets be realistic. people have “friends” personally I dont believe a male and female can be friends without some kind of sexual attraction. there for when you are gone…. and break up with that significant other that person they have been calling there “bestfriend” throughout your whole relationship is the one they call on when you are not there. That is the one person who was waiting for you to fuck up so that they could be that person to clean up your mess duing a vulnerable time in you now Exs life. 

The moral of the story… Look. Sometimes you have to let the ego go. If you love and care for a person. fight for them… fight for the relationship. dont let things go when times get hard. There is always someone who can see the greatness of your man or girl and is waiting for you to fuck up. At some point.. you have to grow up.

Its easy to lose yourself searching for love within someone else.




At some point you have to speak on the reality of the situation. Its amazing how when years past and things change so does the relationship… … Dad said I cant believe you sweating over a dude. I totally denied it at first. Sayed that little smart remark afterwards like ” Crys dont sweat over no guys” Ha! it was a funny thought. I’m not quite sure what the problem is… . . nor do I know if this is how things are suppose to work. In the sense that this is not my first rodeo with this cowboy. We been in this for 6 years. It seems like the more years that past by the more I lost myself. The more I am searching for me in him. Thats not how it always was…. It some how just worked out that way. You dont realize what is happening untill someone tells you how it is on the outside of the situation. But of course still there is denial.

Then you get stuck with the nights where you cant sleep wondering at one point did you stop living your life for you and starting living it for someone else. Who arguably is not worth it. Or is he?

A friend and her Boyfriend.

A friend and her Boyfriend.